Is Having Limousine As My Daily Driver A Bad Idea?

Is Having Limousine As My Daily Driver A Bad Idea?

Riding a limo is a thing that you only need to experience a couple of times to make sure its appeal won’t get lost on you. Imagine riding a limo every day to work – sure, it will be fun for a couple of months but sooner or later, you’ll get bored. Having said that, there are still many people who want to get a limousine as their daily driver.

No matter how weird that idea is, many people are truly fascinated with limousines and they just want to drive it every day. I can’t really judge them base on this simple thing. It’s not my business after all. However, I do think that using a limousine car as your daily driver is a bad idea. If perhaps you are a big time movie star or businessman, then by all means, drive a limo every day. But for your average joe, driving a limo is not only impractical but also financially draining. Here are the top reasons why:

Costly maintenance

If you’ve ever driven a luxury car before, you know how expensive repairs and regular maintenance can get. With most of their parts on a pre-order or hard-to-find basis, fixing even a small broken part requires patience. Now, double that effort and you’ve got an idea of how hard it is to maintain a limousine vehicle. A limousine is a long car and along with its size, comes a sizable amount of things that can get damaged. Apart from all that, most limousines are not mass-produced which means that their parts are not going to be readily available. You’ll have to find a special dealer to get some of their parts. If you are buying your limousine second-hand, your chances of finding fitting parts for will be diminished even further.

Driving and parking

Some states require limousine drivers to have a special license. They need to make sure that they can operate the vehicle safely. Because of its longer size, you would need to pay special attention to how much space you’re taking while driving. You need to be careful when maneuvering and turning because of the added length of the car. Also, if you want a limo as your daily driver, you need to have a big parking lot to accommodate it.

Gas mileage

This one is pretty obvious for many car enthusiasts. Limousines are notorious for the bad gas mileage. They are comparable to big trucks but without the towing capacity. Once you realize the cost of driving a limousine to and from your work, you’ll soon regret your decision of getting it. Out of all the reasons I’ve stated above, this one is probably the worst. It can greatly affect your monthly budget as it can consume up to triple your normal sedan’s gas allowance.

If you still want to have limousine as your daily driver, it is up to you. With the high maintenance coupled with the high operating cost of limousine, it’s no wonder why limousine rental rates are so high. I hope this article helped you ditch the idea that a limousine would be a good daily driver. If you truly want a limousine ride, a rental is a much better choice.

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